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An overview of Financial activities of Jaffna Municipal Council in 2016

All though the estimated Budget amount of the Jaffna Municipal Council 2016 was Rs.857 Million,  the actual income derived was Rs.975 Million.

Excluding the Grant by the Local Government Department amounting to Rs.461, this amount works out to Rs.514 Million. In this, the income earned by the council is Rs.263 Million and income earned from other sources is found to be Rs.215 Million. Out of the own earnings of the council, Rs. 65.1 Million from Assessment taxes, Rs. 79.3 Million from Shop rentals and leases, Rs.21.7 Millions from patents, Rs.38.3 Million from Service charges, Rs.9.3 million as fines and Rs.34.4 Million from stamp fees,  and Rs.14.9 Million as other revenues, the Special Commissioner P.Vageesan has announced.