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Palestinians formally join International Criminal Court

The Palestinians have formally joined the International Criminal Court (ICC), a key step towards being able to pursue Israelis for alleged war crimes.After a ceremony at The Hague, Foreign Minister Riad Malki said Palestinians sought “justice not vengeance”.

But Israel denounced the move as “political, cynical and hypocritical”.Although Israel has not ratified the Rome Statute, its military and civilian leaders could face charges if they are believed to have committed crimes on Palestinian territory.Palestinian militants will also be open to prosecution.

On Wednesday, the Palestinians became the 123rd member of the ICC, 90 days after they lodged a declaration accepting the jurisdiction of the court over alleged crimes committed in the occupied territories of East Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza from 13 June 2014.In the face of the great injustice our people are enduring and the repeated crimes committed against it, Palestine has decided to seek justice, not vengeance,” Mr Malki said after being presented with a copy of the Rome Statute at Wednesday’s ceremony.