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Pan- grass variety encountering extinction due to illegal sand excavation-Mat makers express concern

The Mat makers have expresses that by illegal sand excavation in the areas of Mulaitheevu Paliyaru and Parangiyaru, the Pan-grass varieties are going into extinction and that this is severely affecting their livelihood. Around 15 families in the Thunukkai DS Division of the Mulaitheevu District and some families in the Panankamam area traditionally undertake their living by producing Pan mats and Pan related products for more than 40 years.

The raw material for this cottage industry, the Pan grass is abundantly found in Paliyaru and Parankiyaru areas,  and these families cut these grass, and process it as their raw material.

Pointing out that the current illegal sand mining is destroying the pan grass, the Mat makers have  requested that action be taken to stop this illegal excavation and save their livelihood.