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Paravipanchan people also start a continuous struggle for their lands

The people of Kilinochchi/Paravipanchan area also started a continuous sit-in struggle demanding the release of their ancestral lands currently occupied by the Army. They started their their struggle at around 10.00 a.m. yesterday in front of the Paravipanchan army camp.

” We are not going to give up the struggle until we step into our own lands. We have no faith in the politicians. The Leader of the state should intervene and get our lands released to us.”, said they yesterday.

The Paravipanchan had already engaged in struggle twice demanding the release of 9.5 acre lands belonging to 27 families, in Paravipanchan area in Kilinochchi/Karaichchi Divisional Secretary area, which currently occupied by the Army.  In this context they had commenced their Non-violent struggle for their lands again yesterday.

We were displaced from our lands in 2008, and after the end of the war we were brought from the Menic Farm Welfare centre and lodged in a school and later we were sent out. We are living a hard life for the last 8 years living in houses of relatives and friends and rented houses.

We engaged in a struggle to get our lands released last year which was abandoned following promises from politicians and government officials. They started a struggle in last August and continued it for 12 days. 4.5 acre lands were released because of our struggle. However 9.5 acre were not released.

Several politicians including Leader of the Opposition Sampanthan and State Minister Wijayakala Maheswaran promised to get our land s released, it never materialized. Hence we have gone into the struggle again, they said.

It was observed that the Army men were photographing the Demonstrators and the media men who went there to cover the struggle.