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Paravipanchchan people give Fast and struggle for their lands on promise by Wijekala Maheswaran

The Paravipanchchan people who were staging a continuous struggle and the “Fast unto Death” demanding that all their be released, yesterday gave up their struggle temporarily after the State Minister of  Children’s Affairs, Wijayakala Maheswaran promised them that she will get their lands within 3 months.

In the context of the Paravipanchchan people engaging in a sit in protest for the last eight day, two of the protesters switched on to fast unto death from yesterday.

Following the condition of a woman who had gone into fast without water got worsened, the Leader of the TNPF, Kajendrakumar Ponnambalam went and met the fasting people and had said that although he could not make promise to them but he could act in support of their struggle.

The State Minister for Children’s affairs, Wijayakala Maheswaran, met the protester and promised that she will take action to get all the lands of people of Paravipanchchan released within 3 months and that she will come on the 12th to inspect the un released lands, with the people.