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‘Patra’ coming soon

The movie ‘Patra’ directed by debutant Jayanthan is all set to  release soon. The film features debut actors Mithun , Vaidegi, and Sam Paul in the lead. The film revolves around the adolescent youth who were directed by the non integral social elements. Debut actress Vaidegi is sharing her shooting experiences.

“ I play a college girl in this film. I am passionate about dancing. I am getting trained in ‘Bharatham’ and ‘Kerala Aattam’ and participated in many competitions. My Co- actor Mithun have did a splendid job with acting and dance. My Exams were on when I was to shooting for the Song ‘ Mun Kamam’. It was difficult for me to cope with both. Yet, I managed to get pass in the exam”, she smiled the Chalakudi girl.

Shooting for ‘Patra’ will be a memorable one for me.

My father has aversion towards sea. He saw to that i don’t venture out to the Beach front at all, until we shot a song for ‘Patra’  in Pondychery. I had never seen a beach in my lifetime. Most probably I could be the only Keralite who would have not seen a beach in Kerala. Then i realized the best part of being an actress. I can go anywhere in the world if only I become a successful actress. This desire is enough to fuel my ambitions” Says excitingly.

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