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Pavatkulam/Vavuniya paddy stores besieged in opposition to sending paddy to South

Rice mill owners, rice mill workers and  the public besieged the paddy stores at Pavatkulam, Vavuniya in protest of Paddy bags being transported to South. This protest occurred at the Pavatkulam-6 paddy Stores.

Lorries from South had come to this store to take paddy stocked in this store to the South. Following this, Rice mill owners , rice mill workers and  the public of the area besieged the paddy stores at Pavatkulam and demanded that the paddy be issued to the Local rice mill for milling or the paddy be milled and rice issued to the local areas through Cooperative Societies at lowest possible prices.

This situation was brought to the notice of Vanni MPs, Sivasakthy Anandan, K.K.Masthan, and District Secretary, Rohana Puspakumara following which the loading of paddy to the lorries from south was temporarily suspended. A decision on this will be taken in consultation with the relevant officials, they had said.