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Peace on one side intrigues on the other side, says CM, in Amir’s memorial oration

Our traditional lands are being lost like the Tsunamy which gobbled our places, people and assets. The centuries long life style is being disintegrated. Peace is being spoken on one side and intrigues are hatched on the other side. If we point this out we are being dubbed as terrorist, said the CM, C.V.Wigneswaran.

He was delivering the memorial oration on the 89th Birthday remembrance  of the late Leader of TULF and a former opposition Leader A. Amirthlingam held at the Jaffna Library.

Continuing further he said:

* Several agreements were signed between southern Governments and the ITAK but later were torn and thrown away;

* A demand of  the granting of a sovereign state like the one existing before the arrival of foreigners here was put forward and became the voice of the armed persons;

* We have now been pushed back to federal system. But Today’s field reality is getting worsened. I am not sure whether our people are aware of this. Let me cite some examples.

* War had ended 7 years ago; What is the big idea in keeping the Armed Forces in North and East?

* What is the intricacy behind the fishermen of the south who migrated here for fishing earlier had now with the help of the armed Forces putting up permanent dwellings here ?

* Don’t our people understand that on the basis of the 13th amendment our mineral resources are being robbed by people who come from the South?

* Our forests are being destroyed. Google shows bald and barn lands at the deep centre of forests. What is the secret behind this?

* What is the meaning of  the government saying that, it is removing Army camps while an American Organization had aerial photographed and proved that during the period of 2009 -2014 the boundaries of Army camps had been extended and more area had been taken over ?

* What does the environment, with  missing persons, TPPs, those who are released but bing inflicted with mental and physical disorders, our people who are moving around like living dead afflicted by spinal chord injuries, our young widows, woman leadership families, orphaned children and our youth who are subjected to drugs and sexual affectations showing  us?

* What is the meaning of the SF-J commander saying day before yesterday the land around Palaly air port will be acquired, not released?

* What does the statements of those who are in power to the effect that Buddhist Vihares could be constructed anywhere in the country, showing to us?

* What does the arrogant efforts of our youth to some or the other go to live in foreign countries show us?

* What does the construction of tourist centres, with the permission from Colombo, in our traditional lands, and without our knowledge showing to us?

As per my calculations, we are being destroyed little by little.  If the government which did not give any benefit us for more than 60 years, suddenly come forward give us projects and pour in investments, we should understand what is at the bottom of it. I do not say that we don’t want what they are giving. We should think about what they are expecting after giving them to us. We should think what kind of circumstances they have placed us before placing their demands. Time is ripe for our intellectuals to study and say whether the notion of some people that every problem will be solved if investments come here is correct he said.