Friday 22 June 2018
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Peace prevailed in NPC yesterday

Peace prevailed in NPC yesterday

In the context of ITAK deciding not take any responsibilities in the new Cabinet, it was expected that there will be heated arguments in the NPC’s 101st sitting held yesterday, at the Secretariat premises of the NPC located at Kaithady, but it was concluded without any confrontations.

In the context of the disturbances prevailing again in the NPC, it was expected there will be much commotion in the sitting. However, the agenda of the sitting was strictly adhered to and the sitting came to a conclusion without any confrontations.

Leader of the House C.V.K.Sivagnanam presided as usual and Minister Deneeswaran who is on collision course with CM through a ‘war of letters’ was also present in the sitting.

Normal resolutions were taken into smooth consideration. The ITAK members who normally  get into vociferous attack of the CM mostly kept themselves and showed no interest in attacking the CM. However , a confrontation was noticed between the Leader of the House and member Paramsothy over the appointment of a Director of Zonal Education.

After the interval members adamantly refused to return to the sitting unless  privileges granted to members of other PCs are granted to them. Because of this there was some delay in resuming the sitting.  Following the Leader of the House promising to grant them the privileges, they returned to the house and the proceeding continued to a finish.

It  is notable that, the newly appointed member E.Jeyasekaram delivered his virgin speech yesterday.

It is also notable that the Term of the NPC is coming to an end during the middle part of next year.

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