Friday 22 June 2018
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 Peaceful solution to Thopur Selavanagar  disputes

 Peaceful solution to Thopur Selavanagar  disputes

A special discussion was held at the Governor’s Secretariat presided by the Eastern Governor, on the attack made on the Muslim Village of Selvanagar, in Thoppur, Neenakerny in Seruwila Police Division.

Several factions including the factions connected to the incident, Members of the Eastern Provincial Council, MPs, Government officials, and clergy participated in this discussion.

Relevant factions had consented for a Committee consisting of representatives of all faction to be formed and solution acceptable to all factions reached.

Easter Governor Austin Fernando said that a decision had been taken to reach a solution acceptable to all section by undertaking surveys and without affecting residents of the current occupants and the agricultural lands.

Following a violence in their area the Muslim people of Selvanagar in Thoppur, Trincomalee had left their residences and took refuge in the Hutha Jummah Mosque. This abnormal situation was triggered by some unidentified persons stoning and damaging the residences of the Muslim people.

Several houses in the area were damaged and tension prevailed in the area. STF was massed in the area and peace restored.

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