Tamil Diplomat

Some people in the East conspiring to create ethnic tension in the East

The attempts to create a massive ethnic problem in the East, in an orchestrated manner are undertaken by some people of the east. Some politicians also are colluding in this conspiracy, the CM of Eastern PC, Habis Naseer Ahamed. He has said this in a special press release issued by him yesterday.

A, Grama Sevaka, who is a Government Servant was vituperated in filthy and racist language and threatened  by Chief thero of the Mangalaramaya, Batticaloa. Several protest rallies had been held in the east. Tension was again created by the Same thero, who tried to transgressed into a private land.

Meanwhile, a conflict  has appeared between a Muslim Organization and the Hard Line Buddhist Organization, Bodu Bala Sena. Subsequent to this attention was paid by the President on attempts being undertaken to create religious and racial tensions in the country.

Buddhist statues propping up in ancient Tamil and Muslim  areas in Baticaloa and Amparai and  the attempts to colonize Sinhala people in Batticaloa by force are conspiracies to create tensions between minority races and majority people.

The politicians who thrived hiding behind the war are now trying to create splits among races, in the absence of war. When we are trying to develop the East, some are trying to create problems in the East and block them. Some are giving problems in the country to the President and the Prime Minister.

Whatever conspiracy in staged, we should defeat them with the Cooperation of the people and make east into a developed region, he had said.