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People have rejected Gamanpila’s call for black flags: Kiriella

Higher Education Minister Lakshman Kiriella has stated that the people have rejected the call for black flags against the government by Udayagamanpilla and his colleagues. That is indeed a reflection of the people’s support for government policies.
He was addressing an event held in Gampola to inaugurate several road projects.

During his speech, he said: ‘The country at present has an ethical government. Under the 19th Amendment, the Judiciary is now independent. The Police and State Services are functioning without any political interference. Law and Democracy is operational. It is because of this type of a ruling system that a certain MP is against. He urged people of this country to raise black flags on January 1st.

The people of this country have given their verdict to the Joint Opposition who tried showing their protest to the Government by raising black flags. So, did the people raise any black flags? Not one black flag was raised. Finally, those who said that they would raise black flags went to Facebook to raise black flags. Even that was unsuccessful. Today, green flags were raised congratulating the Government, instead of the black flags. The Opposition has no news at all to giveaway these days. But there was a lot of news during the previous government’s rule. White vans kidnapping people, officers being tied to trees, sentencing General Sarath Fonseka to jail and the killing of journalists were some of the the news headlines during the previous rule. But today, there are no such things.

Today the country is following the ‘Dasarajadharma Principle’. What we wish was to create a civilized country. What we wish was to create a country we could be proud of. Everything should not be measured with a price tag. The greatest victory we could bring to our country is to safeguard our democracy through law and justice.”