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People are requesting to annex Island Sector to Jaffna MC: says Boundary Demarcation Group Chief

The awareness regarding the Provincial council electorate demarcation is very poor among the People of Jaffna Peninsula, said the President of the Provincial Boundary Demarcation Group.  He has pointed out the only three political Parties and few people were present provide suggestion to the Commission.

The discussion for finding out the opinions of the people on the demarcation of Electorate boundaries were held by the Provincial Boundary Demarcation Group at the Jaffna District Secretariat, day before yesterday.

The Government has decided to hold the PC elections on the basis of 50%:50% electorate and proportional election systems. The President appointed a Boundary Demarcation group on the 4th of October.

We had advertised in the news papers and receiving suggestions from Political Parties acknowledged by the people. We have visited several Districts. Thus our sitting was held at Jaffna District also. But the participation was very poor here. Only three parties and few people participated in them.

It is notable that most of the people who participated requested that the Island Sector be annexed to Jaffna Municipal Council. He said.