Friday 22 February 2019
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 People taken by Army in bus to see their lands at Kepapulavu

 People taken by Army in bus to see their lands at Kepapulavu

133.34 acre land at Kepapulavu was handed over to the District Secretary, Mulaitheevu day before yesterday.

Accordingly the Land Officers of the District Secretariat and the Grama Officers had invited people to see their lands and identify them.

Army took the people in their bus and the people identified their Lands. However the Media was not allowed to go in by the Army. People said that they will go into their lands on the Forth coming 1st day of the New Year.

111.5 acre at Kepapulavu and 21.84 acre at Seeniyamodai totaling 133.34 acre were handed over day before yesterday.

Commenting on the release the District Secretary said that, the said lands will be surveyed and and handed over to the people through due process. This camp constructed across the Vattappalai – Puthukudiyiruppu  road will be removed on the 1st and the main road opened and the people can go to their lands.

The people who went to see the land had come back after identifying their and they said that they will go to their lands on the 1st

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