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People’s struggle will explode if Lands in Mandaitheevu are acquired, says MPc, Vinthan Kanagaratnam

We will never allow the lands of the people at Mandaitheevu to be acquired to establish a Navy Camp. If attempts are made to acquire people’s lands, we will rally the people and engage in a large protest, said the Member of the NPC, Vinthan Kanagaratnam.

The Government had announced recently that, a piece of land in extent of 16 Acre 01 Root and 10 Perch at Mandaitheevu Village, in the Grama Officer Division J/07- Mandaitheevu East of the Velanai DS Division for the construction of  the main camp of the SLNS Velu Sumana under section 2 of Land Acquisition Act ( chapter 460).

The Security forces have transgressed into people’s lands and now they seek help of government officers to acquire the lands legally.

Likewise they have occupied private agricultural lands and vegetable farms at Mandaitheevu. The Security Forces which invaded the Island sector have robbed many lands of the people. Several murders and abductions have occurred in Islands after that. Our people are suffering unable to resettle into their lands.

Hence we will not allow even a further inch to be acquired by the Navy. Officers also should not assist this activity. If an attempt is made to survey the lands, we will rally people, siege the Survey Department Office and  engage in struggle.

Our people are encountering problems without employment everyday and hence we will not allow the acquisition of balance lands, we will rally the people to stop such attempts, he said.