Wednesday 20 June 2018
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Permission refused for Sand-fish Waddies in Vadamaradchchi North

Permission refused for Sand-fish Waddies in Vadamaradchchi North

A request calling for approval to set up sand-fish Wadies in the Vadamaradchchi East was rejected by the coordinating Committee

The cording Committee meeting for Vadamaradchchi, Maruthankerny was held yesterday. It was pointed out in the meeting that pressure is being exerted on divisional Secretary for approval of these wadies. The resolution tabled before the Committee for approval of sand fish wadies was rejected by the Coordinating Committee.

It was pointed out in the meeting that the local fishermen are complaining that, the number of people engaging in Sand fish fishing has increased. The Southern fishermen are also engaging in sand fish fishing with permits issued by the Department of Aqua resources. Because of this their Beach-sein Net fishing is drastically affected. Although they had informed relevant officials, no action has been taken.

At this juncture the Divisional Secretary pointed out that the sand fish fishing could be undertake beyond 5 KMs. But pressure are being exerted in this matter, he said.

He also produced letters sent by Kudarappu Carmel Matha Cooperative Society and Nagarkovil East Cooperative society with regard to this problem.

Since the members of the Societies were not present in the meeting, Co-Chair M.A.Sumanthiran the letters not-valid.

The Regional Commanding Officer of the Navy should be informed of this matter. He should be made aware of the decisions taken in the meetings of the Coordinating committee. Illegal activities should be prevented, said the MP.

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