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Picture of Sampanthan burnt in Vavuniya yesterday

The picture of TNA’s Leader, Sampanthan was burnt yesterday in Vavuniya in protest. The picture of Sampanthan was dragged by the relatives of the Missing persons, at the end of their fasting struggle led by the President of the Vavuniya District Citizen Committee, Rajkumar.

The relatives of the missing persons were engaged in fasting protest near Pandaravannian statue in front of Vavuniya Secretariat. At the end of the fasting Sapanthan’s picture, pasted to a board and dragged a few yardsalon A9 , around the roundabout and back to venue of the fasting and burnt there.

On the board was written thus:

” Final rights of mothers of Eelam who had given birth to Ellala Kings to grandsons of Thutugemunu, who rode on the sacrifices of our children to gain Government Positions and money and gone out of their minds to accept unitary and un split Sri Lanka.”