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Pilakkudiyiruppu: No favourable indication from the Government but support galore from all around

No favourable indication has been received from the government so far for the demand of the Pilakudiyiruppu people on their struggle for the 8th day , to remove the Air Force’s Regional HQ on their lands and release the lands to them.

The protesters said that no response has been received from the government and they are disheartened by it. The government will be responsible, if they take some drastic decision.

Meanwhile the Defence Secretary Karunasena  Hettiarachchi has commented that there is political background for the struggle of Pilakudiyiruppu struggle and that they cannot release lands need for security purposes. The struggle is a plot to drive out security forces from the North, he had said.

The people who are on a struggle in Puthukudiyiruppu in support of the Pilakkudiyiruppu called everyone to extend their support to the Pilakkudiyiruppu people.

The University community of the University of Jaffna, went to Pilakudiyirruppu to express their solidarity with the strugglers.  Teacher’s Union, all faculty students,  non-academical  staff participated in this journey, said the All students Federation president, Anujan.

Southern people also have expressed their solidarity with the protesters at Kepapulavu. Attorney at Law, Sampath Pushpakumara, of the Fishermen Cooperation Organization and Human Rights activists Rukki Fernando had visited the seen, to express the solidarity of their organizations. Further they have promised that a demonstration will be held today at the Negombo bus stand in support of the people who are struggling to redeem their soil.

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