Tamil Diplomat

Pilakudiyiruppu expand their struggle on day no: 16

The Pilakudiyiruppu people have expanded their struggle, on the 16th day of their struggle.

The people who continued their struggle under two tin sheds had newly put up two more sheds to expand their struggle.

They are engaged in their struggle for 16 days demanding the release of their lands occupied by the Air Force, refusing to accept any empty promise and bowing that their struggle will continue till they set their foot on their own lands.

New sheds were put-up for the learning activities of the students members of the struggling members.

The representatives of the Mulaitheevu Fishermen’s federation and JVP yesterday visited the strugglers. JVP representatives also promised to hold sympathetic demonstration in the south.

However it is notable that the Government had said that the problems of the Pilakudiyirruppu people could not be solved overnight.