Tamil Diplomat

Pillaiyan boycott the meeting with the President: A repercussion of the crisis in the east

The President Maithiripaala Sirisena was engaged recently in a meeting with members of all the Provincial Council except the Northern PC, but the Member of the Easter PC and the leader of the Tamil People Liberation Tigers, Pillaiyan( Sivanesathurai Chandrakanthan) has boycotted this meeting.

Although the Chief Minister and the members of the Northern Provincial was invited for this meeting, the Chief Minister of the Northern Provincial had earlier intimated the inability to attend this meeting due to already arranged engagements. A separate meeting had been organised for next with them.
Although the Members of the Eastern Provincial Council participated in the meeting, Pillayan did not attend the meeting.

He had boycotted this meeting to express his dissatisfaction over the actions of the Government regarding the crisis that had developed in the Easter Provincial Councils, Political Sources said.

The Members of the Provincial Council except the northern Provincial Council took part in this meeting, held today evening at the President Secretariat, Colombo.