Tamil Diplomat

 Plan to drill 25 Tube wells to save 40,000 acre paddy cultivation

The Irrigation Department has undertaken a project to drill 25 Tube Wells in Kilinochchi to irrigate and save 40,000 acre paddy cultivation from drought, it is reported. Out of the 60,000 acre cultivation of , although 20 could be irrigated to a certain amount, 40,000 acre are facing destruction due to prolonged drought. Particularly, although 20,000 acre under Irrigation of Iranaimadu and Akkarayan could be irrigated, the balance 40,000 acre are in the brink of destruction.

After this danger of cultivation had been pointed out, the Irrigation department has planned to drill 25 Tube wells under IPAD scheme to safeguard the paddy cultivation  and to be of help in the future during similar situation.

As per this they have commenced drilling 25 Tube wells in the Ramanathapuram area. However they are encountering difficulties in finding the H/D Machinery for drilling the wells.