Saturday 26 September 2020
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Plan to paralyze SLTB services in the North: Dead line on 4th 

Plan to paralyze SLTB services in the North: Dead line on 4th 

All employees of the SLTB (North) have got together and announced that they will go into Trade Union action from  4th of this month if their demands are not met.

This struggle is to be undertaken demanding that the Chief Regional Manager should be transferred out of North, the integrated Trade Unions of Jaffna Northern has announced.

The union has sent the following g letter to relevant persons:

Hon. Arjuna Ranathunge,

Hon. Minister of Transport,

D.A.Wijewardene Mawatha,

Colombo – 10.

Hon. Sir,

Regarding intended Strike.

The SLTB Depots of the Northern Region are on the verge being closed down mainly due to the inefficient administration of the Chief Regional Manager Mr.K.Ketheesan.

The employees of the SJTB Northern Region are continuing their work in much fear and inquietude because no action had been taken on the 10 complaints we have already submitted in writing.

We undertook two struggles against the Chief Regional Manager without causing any inconvenience to people. However, to date, no solution had been delivered for the struggles we had undertaken.

With no other alternatives we most humbly request on behalf of employees of all four Depots that, with a view to the interests of the Employees, Mr. K. Ketheesan, who had carried on a corrupt administration be removed out of Northern Region and appoint Mr. S.Kulabalachelvam , who is capable of building up the SLTB in the Northern Region, cooperating well with the employees as the new Chief Regional Manager.

We hereby request that, Mr. K.Ketheesan who carried out corrupt administration be removed and our justifiable request be granted within 14 days from today, 20.12.2018. Failing which, we regret to inform your kind self, that we shall undertake a massive trade union action incorporating employees of all 7 Depots, thereby crippling the activities of all 7 depots.

Thank you.

Yours Faithfully,

President                                                                                             Secretary.

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