Tamil Diplomat

Plastic bags to be banned in North from April 22nd

The production and use of plastic bags are banned in  the Northern Province as from the Earth’s Day, April 22nd, the Secretary to the Chief Minister has informed all government Departments.

In his announcement he has said that the plastic waste problem is the largest of its kinds encountered by the Northern Province. Plastic wastes, plastic bags, cups, plates have heaped up causing detrimental effects. The Sri Lankan government has banned the production and use of polythene with thicknesses less than 20 micrones from the first of January 2017, under act no47 of 1980. Violators will be fined 10,000/= or sentenced to jail for not less 2 years. However this law was not implemented fully in the North.

This law will be strictly implemented from the 22nd of April this year, he has said.