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Playground of Rambaikulam MV released after 30 years of occupation by Army

The play ground of Rambaikulam Girls’ Mahavidyalaya, was released  from 30 years of Army Control yesterday.

The School administration took over the grounds yesterday. The grounds (Vavuniya JOSEF camp) was taken over by the Sri Lanka Air Force in 1986, considering the prevailing Security situation.

Because of this the students of the Rambaikulam MV were not able to use this grounds for 30 years. For the last few years the School Administration and Parlimentarians  had continuously pressurized the Ministry of Defence Ministry  to release the grounds. The Secretary to the Ministry of Defence, considered the request for release of the grounds at a meeting held at SFHQ – Vavuniya,and agreed to release it.

Accordingly, the Army had vacated the grounds and handed over grounds yesterday, it was reported