Tamil Diplomat

“Please don’t embarrass us with your helping hands”- Na.Muthukumar’s brother

Since yesterday a rumor about lyricist Na.Muthukumar’s death has been doing rounds in Kollywood circles and it has started spreading like haywire in social media. The rumor states that Muthukumar despite being a leading lyricist who held the record of writing the most number of songs in Tamil films for 12 continuous years was not financially well equipped and could not afford treatment to the disease that allegedly caused his death.

The rumor has even led some people starting campaigns to collect funds and hand it over to the bereaved wife and children of Muthukumar. However Na.Rameshkumar the younger brother of Muthukumar has sent a detailed emotional letter to the media which carries the much-needed clarification and a request to everyone to not embarrass Muthukumar’s family members who are already struggling to cope up with the sudden death of the person who loved them the most.

In his letter, Ramesh Kumar says “Like our father we have thought our children to lead a simple life. He (Muthukumar) has died only after fulfilling all our needs to lead a simple life. Until his death, he followed the principles of not borrowing money from others and not shunning away the request for help from anyone at any stage of life. I have always stood by his side and witnessed his ghost like working style. Though we have achieved a better standard of living due to that, we have always remained simple. I am writing this letter to request everyone to not let his name get imprinted in the history for bad reasons.

As a son, as an elder brother, as a husband and as a father, he has always had the genuine and great love for the people around him. He has never failed to fulfill any of our wishes. We are still struggling to come out of the pain of losing him. The helping hands extended from various quarters due to excessive affection only embarrasses us. I hope you all will understand this. Our intention is not to hurt anyone. He has earned and saved enough wealth required for us. More than all others, the love he had for us is bigger.”

We hope this puts an end to all the rumors about Muthukumar and his death. We also dearly wish that the bereaved family members of Muthukumar who are already dealing with the harshest shock of their life are allowed to live peacefully.