Tamil Diplomat

Plight Of refugees fleeing Terror

The terror of Boko Haram has forced a six-week delay for Nigeria’s presidential elections – but few Nigerians who have escaped the extremists believe their power will be curbed in that time. Safety has come at a heavy price for tens of thousands of Nigerians who have run away from the Islamic militant group and are now sheltering in neighbouring Cameroon. They scratch around for food and complain bitterly at the shortage of water in the huge refugee camp north of Maroua which is now their home.

There are rows and rows of tents made of plastic sheeting supplied by the UN refugee agency UNHCR which now house families – but there are also large numbers of fragile one-room stick homes. Certainly many of the refugees we spoke to in the huge camp (31,222 registered refugees but locals say the more accurate figure is 47,000+) insist they feel let down by their government and the Nigerian army. “The military have sold us to the Boko Haram fighters,” said Yohanna.