Tamil Diplomat

Police agree to release re-captured lands in Kankesanthurai

The Police has  consented to release the lands  which were released to people at Kankesanthurai and “re-captured” by Police. The owners such land are requested to make their registrations with the Grama Officer of the area.

The Secretary to the Ministry of Defence had earlier released these lands to people. Within one of this release police encroached and occupied peoples lands. They also fenced off the area with barbed wire.

People complained several times to political leaders and the Secretary to the Ministry of Defence  regarding this.Alternate land was given by the District Secretariat to the Police. But the police did not change over to the alternate land. They continue to occupy and keep the land without releasing it to the people.This matter was pointed out to the Minister of Law and Order who came on a visit to Jaffna.

Following this the Police had consented to release the lands in stages.