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Police ban the 25th Anniversary of Sathurukondan Massacre commemoration

The day was 9th September 1990. Premadasa was the President then. 47 from Kokkuvil, 38 from Sathurukkondan, 37 from Panichchaiyadi, 62 from Pillaiyaradi, a total of 184 people were taken away by the army and Muslim home guards and to date their fate is not known. A person who escaped from them testified all were shot dead.

When the people tried to hold a  commemoration even at the memorial at Sathurukkonda yesterday , the police intervened and said that the event could not be held as no prior permission was obtained .Following people lighted 24 lamps at the  Kokkuvil Veeramakali amman Temple.

Of all the Massacres in Eastern province this massacre claimed the largest number of innocent Tamil lives.

Speaking there P.Ariyanendran , the former MP said that, We are living in Sri Lanka, without being able to light a memorial lamp for massacred Tamils.

Member of the EPC, Era Thurairatnam said that, it is a human rights violation toprevent remembering the dead.

Large number of people including TNA MP, C.Yogeswaran, former MPs Pon. Selvarasa and P.Ariyanendran participated in the event.

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