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Police force in to University Hostel, threaten to shoot Students

Four policemen armed with rifles had forced into the Balasingham Hostel of the University of Jaffna while the students were celebrating the birthday of a co-student during early hours and had severely threatened to shoot them.

The police had said that a call was made to 119 and reported that there is a problem going on in the hostel and they want to inquire about it. Thereafter the students had called in the Hostel Warden and had inquired from him as to how the police had come in without prior permission and warden had said that even he don’t know about their coming.

When the students asked for the reason of the visit, the police had threatened them that if they talk further, they will shoot the students. They have stayed in for about half an hour and left after collecting the address of some students including the president of the Arts Faculty student’s Union and other details.

The Warden had reported the incident in writing to the Vice Chancellor of the university.

The students had also reported the incident to the Jaffna office of the Human Rights Commission.

Much tension and fear was caused among the students because of the intruding of the armed police into the hostel.The students had demanded that the police should clarify the real reason for the intruding and relevant sides should take appropriate action regarding the incident.