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Police OIC and four others to be charged with murder and throwing the body into Iranaimadu

5 five police officers including the former OIC of Chunnakam police station and the current OIC of Kodikamam police, Chinthika Bandara are to be charged with torturing a youth to death and throwing his body in the Iranaimadu Tank.

A case of theft was taken up for hearing at Mallakam court on the 25th of last month. 4 suspects were produced in the court. These suspects in their testimony revealed they were arrested following presenting school bags to poor students on 21.11.2011. Police suspected that they were commemorating Maveerar day , arrested them and tortured them severely in the special room for torture in the Chunnakam police. Blood poured from the nose and mouth of their friend Suman and subsequently, he died. His body was thrown into the Iranai madu tank and later the police issued a suicidal verdict death certificate and covered their murder, they said.

Following their testimony the Attorney General Department studied the case and had ordered that 8 police officers including Chinthika Bandara be arrested and 5 of them be charged murder and all 8 of them be charged with torturing. This was informed to the court by the representative of DIG- Jaffna District, when the case was taken up yesterday.

The Attorney General Department had directed the Director of CID to charge 5 of the officers for murder in Kilinochchi court and 3 for torturing in Jaffna High Court, he informed the court.