Tamil Diplomat

Police security to ‘ Vadi’s of transgressing southern Fishermen: Concern expressed by people of Chundikulam

The Vadis of southern fishermen who had encroached and engaging in fishing are being given police protection, the people of Chunndikulam say. Although the police post at Chunndikulam falls under Point Pedro police area, Killinochchi police office are serving there. This police post also is situated in a private house without the permission of the local owner. These migratory fishermen had constructed barbed-wire fences against Tsunami regulations.


Meanwhile intelligence unit men visit Chunndikulam in vehicles and get into conflict with the local people and threaten them. The southern fishermen had constructed gravel paths without proper permission. If somebody try to complain about the southern fishermen, the police officers chase them away saying not to create race-riots.

No action had been taken by relevant officials to whom complaints were made, say the people.