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Political confrontations behind Maveerars’ back, commence in mother land also : ASP’s feeling, a contrast

Political confrontations in the guise of honouring Maveerars have commenced in mother land also. Already, confrontations are occurring among Diaspora Tamils, behind the backs of Maveerars who fell fighting for the people. Splitting into groups and commemorating Maveerar Day in separate places had occurred abroad.

The Kanakapuram Maveerar Thuyillumillam was released last year and the Maveerar day was observed there on a grand scale.

One faction had gone there yesterday to put up a memorial structure. The Secretary of Karaichchi Pradeshiya Sabai  had come there and had said that the area comes under Karaichchi Pradeshiya Sabai and if some structure is to be put up there, permission had to be obtained from Them. If the structure is put up without heeding to the warning, the structure will be removed by court order he had said. Some altercations formed between the two factions.

Police had descended the area at that time. The Kilinochchi District ASP, Roshan Rajapakse gave some advice to the people who tried to put up the structure. In the south if somebody wants to set up a cemetery permission is obtained from respective Pradeshiya sabais. As this area is under Pradeshiya sabai you have to get permission from them. Legally I can arrest you and produce you in court. But I am not going to do it. This matter should be approached in humane way. Related factions could have been called together and a solution could have reached. If I have born here, even I would have done the same thing. Only those who were affected will know the pain. he had said.He later instructed them to come to the police station to discuss the matter with relevant factions and reach a solution.

However, a solution was not reached. 6 persons from the group who wanted put up the structure were called  to the police , their statements recorded and released. They were later informed by the police to appear in courts on Friday.

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