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Political solution on the basis of sovereignty: Sampanthan

The solution should be found based on the sovereignty of the Tamil people. We are never going accept meaningless solutions, and at the same are not going kick away just solutions, said the leader of TNA and Leader of the Opposition, Era Sampanthan.

Commemoration of the death of the former Mayor of Colombo was held yesterday under the aegis of All Ceylon Hindu Congress. The statement in Parliament of M.A.Sumanthiran who is taking active role in solution process had created some controversy and Sampanthan statement came as a clarification.

Sumanthiran’s talk was published in media, to the effect that the sovereignty need not be shared.  The leader of TNPF leader Gajendrakumar had condemned as accepting the unitary state and that this is contravening Election manifesto.

Sampanthan has reiterated the position of the TNA in saying that only a  solution based on the sovereignty of the Tamil people will be accepted.