Thursday 9 July 2020
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Political Solution may or may not come, we must act with composure- Sampanthan

Political Solution may or may not come, we must act with composure- Sampanthan

The Leader of the TNA and the Leader of the Opposition, Era Sampanthan said that the solution may come, may not come, but we must act with composure. The President and the Prime Minister should guide their party members in an orderly manner. Important moment are to come now.

He spoke to Tamil News Paper Editors yesterday at his official residence yesterday night.

We expressed our dissatisfaction on conducting all PC elections on the same day and the Government accepted our amendment. In the ruling on the 20th, the Supreme Court has not given clarification why referendum should be held.However now Supreme Court is acting independently. It was not so in the past.

Several difference of opinions and criticism may exist within a Democratic party. But we are not interfering in their affairs, we con intruding into their decisions. We cannot make each and every matter public or do things after informing others.

My decision on appointing Wigneswaran as CM is correct, but the party has not decided on nominating him for a second term.

There is a complaint on me that I am not doing things. But I am doing all what is possible to me. Other things I have to get them done by other people and that is what causing the delay.

We will not sell off Tamil People. We will not mortgage the rights of our people.This is known to the President as well as the Prime Minister, he said.

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