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Political solution to be received will be with a nature of hoodwinking Tamil people: warns TNPF

The TNA is engaged in secret acts of supporting unitary state system hoodwinking Tamil people and the Tamil people should be alert about it, insisted the TPNF, yesterday. This was announced in a media conference  held at around 2.00 p.m. ai the Jaffna Press Club.

The Leader of the TNPF, Gajendrakumar, speaking in this Media conference said that, we have been telling several times that, after war had ended and Mahindha was vanquished, the Government is attempting to give a solution to the Tamil people on the basis of the 13th amendment. It is becoming a reality now.  But, the TNA which promised to get Federal system, during election campaign, had pledged its support for the plan to give precedence to Buddhism.

It is in this context the “Ezhuka Thamil” rally which has made the Government and the International Community to stop and take notice of it was held. In addition to the International Community, the TNA also has been made to fear it. The current activities of the TNA are the result of this fear. Slowly slowly, the TNA is moving into a stance of opposing the Government. Foregoing several chances, it is of no use acting as if opposing the government. The Media Spokesperson of TNA, M.A.Sumanthiran has asked in Vavuniya, ” what have you got by the 30 years armed struggle?”.  This is their real position.

The TNA itself was built up by the Liberation Tigers. Sampanthan has forgotten today that he won the elections accepting the Liberation Tigers as the sole representatives of the Tamil people.People should understand this. The TNA has commenced an evil propaganda that, Tamil People themselves made the unitary State proposal to win. We have to wake up now. Else, nobody could prevent us being hoodwinked, he said.