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The only political solution for the Tamil Speaking people is the Federal System: Wigneswaran invites Muslim brethren to join to struggle together

While saying that, the only political solution to Tamil speaking people is Federal System, the Chief Minister of the Northern Provincial Council, Justice C.V.Wigneswaran  also put out a call for Tamil and Muslim people to weed out the differences among them and to come forward to fight against the rulers.

He said thus, participating in the Ezhuka Thamizh Rally held in Baticaloa on Friday.

“The unfortunate incidents that occurred after the middle part of 1980 and the lack of political consensus created a split between our two communities. However, we can see even today, that we naturally become brothers and work in collaboration when appropriate and necessary instances occur.

We can never deny that incidents such as above had caused un-healing Traumas among us. However, we should come forward to unite, pursue and win our demands with one voice, whenever our rights are neglected or taken away from us, by removing the differences between us today, as we have established our unity earlier as sons of Mother Thamizh.

The Tamil People‘s Council will take all possible actions to pursue attempts to create unity among Tamils and Muslims and we shall labour unceasingly for the protection of all the races. You all should come forward to condemn the wrong actions of the Government without any party, regional, class, gender or religious discriminations.

We should insist on the need for a Federal Political system which will the only political solution to the Tamil speaking people. We are determined in a federal unit to Muslim people also. Tamil Speaking Christian and Hindu people and the Tamil speaking Muslim people should make the world know about our unity. Let all our voices sound loudly in unison for this purpose.”, said Wigneswaran.

 Speaking in this event with thousands of people participating, he threw several questions at the Government during the course of his long speech,  while insisting the self-determination rights of Tamil people.

  1. In a context where nearly 8 years have passed after the end of the war, why the thousands of acre lands occupied by the Army have not been completely released to the people? Why are you bent on acquiring lands further and further? What is themeaning of grabbing some of our powers and handing them over to an Authority? What is trick behind trying to annex the areas in which Sinhala colonists brought from other provinces are settled by force here illegally, with the wards of Tamil Local Government Bodies?
  1. We have placed forward very clear opinions regarding construction of Buddhist Vihares. We have no objections to the Buddhist Vihares being built. But, we have said that the conflict of ideas have appeared regarding where, when and by whom the newly constructed temples should be built irrespective of whatever religion they belong. We have not objected the construction of Buddhist temples in areas where Buddhist people live. They could built new temples after obtaining proper approvals. On the contrary why they are constructing new Buddhist temples in areas where Buddhist people are not living permanently, without proper approvals, in state and private lands, outrageously acquired with the help of the Army and engaging in destroying the places of worship of other religions?
  1. Thousands of differently abled people subjected to massive physical pain are waiting for assistances in Vanni area only. However the fund granted by the Government is adequate to provide aid to only 300 beneficiaries. They have been pushed into an unfortunate situation where one person could be provided with assistance only if a beneficiary already receiving assistance dies. Why is the Government which make propaganda on a large scale that it is providing rehabilitation to people affected by the war, is being unable to help differently abled or disabled who are with very urgent basic needs? Is it jealousy? Unconcerned? Is it neglect or taking political revenge?
  2. When we said that we don’t want pre casted houses, it was promised that houses will be built with Bank loans. But what is the mystery behind trying to introduce pre casted houses in our province?
  3. Why are the political prisoners continued to be kept in prison without revoking the PTA ?
  4. After the Government announcing that they have completely destructed the Liberation Tigers, what is the reason for scaring that tigers have come back or they are to come? In a context where our people have forsaken violence and at a time when they have come forward to pursue democratic political activities, accepting Federal solution is the best within a unified country, on the lines of countries like, Canada, Switzerland and Belgium, what is the intention of expressing such false fictions?
  5. After enacting a weak act on missing persons, what is the reason for not implementing even that weak act?