Sunday 5 July 2020
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Posters against Sumanthiran in Mulaitheevu

Posters against Sumanthiran in Mulaitheevu

Posters have appeared wide spread all over Mullaitheevu, criticizing the TNA MP and spokesman M.A.Sumanthiran  and criticizing the activities of  the TNA.

The posters  bear the title  “ It is time that those who claim to be Tamil Leaders should unite” and have been published under the name of  “ The Society for Finding out the kins who had been made to disappear after being abducted or handed over in Tamil Home Land”

The poster states that we should select a leader for us. We should form link or alliance. All the politicians who have been cheated by Sinhalese politicians, who have cheated Tamils and  Agents of Sinhalese should retire now.

Those who believe that our solution could be delivered by the US, European Union and India should join this alliance. MP Sumanthiran has been strongly criticized in these posters.

Sumanthiran should not represent the Tamils. He should resign the spokesman post of the TNA.

Sumanthiran has said to the Sinhalese in Galle Town that the Tamil people needs no federal System. Who gave him this right?

Strong words like “Sumanthiran who is continuing to sacrifice Tamils to Sinhalese …get out from the Tamil politics!” are found on these posters.

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