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Power of Nonviolence – President ordered to release lands of Kepapulavu people : Minister M.D.Swaminathan

Minister of Resettlement, M.D.Swaminathan said that the president had ordered the Security forces to take action to release lands of people in Mulaitheevu. He noted that he met the president yesterday and discussed the problem regarding lands of Kepapulavu people and that he insisted with the President that the further land grabbing should stop. Accepting what he said the president ordered the Army Commander to take action to release the lands of Mullaitheevu people,  said the Minister.

In reply the Commander of the Army had said action will be taken soon to hand over the lands to the people.

The spokesman for the Army when contacted has said that speedy action has been already taken as per the guidance of the Army Commander.

However the people on their 16th day of struggle in pouring rain have bowed that their struggle will not stop until they set their feet in their own land.