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Power supply restored as Chennai floodwaters recede

Power has been restored in many parts of the southern Indian city of Chennai days after severe floods hit the city.A massive relief operation is continuing to get food and medicines to tens of thousands people. Many residents are living in shelters after their homes were submerged.Railways and Chennai’s main airport, which has been flooded, are due to resume some operations on Saturday.

More than 260 people have died after the heaviest rainfall in a century.The BBC’s Sanjoy Majumder reports from Chennai (Madras) that many people, particularly in working class neighbourhoods, say they have suffered huge losses and want the government to offer them financial assistance to help rebuild their lives.

The rains, the heaviest in 100 years, are being blamed on climate change and many in Chennai say the city needs to prepare better to face extreme weather patterns, our correspondent says.Floodwaters sttarted receding on friday  from parts of Chennai, hours after it experienced a respite from rain.

More than 7,000 people have been rescued so far, but many are still stranded, reports say.Thousands of houses are reportedly still under water with many people trapped inside them.Troops have set up 25 shelters and community kitchens for the flood victims.