Sunday 20 January 2019
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Powers of Minorities in the hands of Majority , former CM of Eastern Province express concern

Powers of Minorities in the hands of Majority , former CM of Eastern Province express concern

Former CM of the Eastern Province, Seinulaptheen Aalim Naseer Ahmed  has said that although it is said that the Provincial rule is in the hands of people, the powers of North and Eastern Provincial Councils where the minority races are living in majority are in the hands of Governors from the Majority.

He had said this in a press release he has issued regarding the administration of North and Eastern Provinces, yesterday, Sunday.

In the chauvinist rule of Sri Lanka, power sharing is not there , only power devolution is there.

The minorities are living in majority. However, while the powers of all PCs except North and East are found in the hands of the CMs of the respective Provinces. But in North and East the powers are in the hands of the Majority Governors.

Although the CMs of North and Eastern Provinces were also elected by people, the Governors are always attempting curtail the activities of the N&E CMs under their control.

During  nearly 2 ½ years of my term, I was able to make people of all provinces aware of several matters regarding  the Powers of PCs. Particularly we were able to serve the people by application of power under of LG. We were able to bring the Finance related matters which were under the Central Government to the PCs.

Contemporary event are clearly showing that the Tamil people had to travel for long period before they obtain  fully  fledged powers for their Provincial Councils.

It entails the unity of the minority communities. If we stand separated the Chauvinism will continue to invade traditionally minority lands. Later our people will have to suffer a void, he had said.

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