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Pregnant Woman Hangs Out of Window to Escape Paris Attack

The fate of the pregnant woman who was caught on tape clinging to a second-story window sill as she tried to escape from a Paris concert venue after Friday night’s deadly terror attack in Paris is now known.

The woman, who has been identified by sources to tamil diplomat  News using only her first name, Charlotte, was pulled to safety by another survivor of that attack who edged over to her from another window sill. Moments earlier she pleaded for help: “Please, please,” she says in French. “I’m going to fall. I’m pregnant.”

Her savior has now been identified as Sebastien Besatti, a musician and journalist who was attending the Eagles of Death Metal show with a friend and who stumbled upon the woman when he was looking for a way out himself.

Besatti spoke to regional newspaper La Provence, telling them that after escaping the main part of the venue by “passing over dead bodies, wounded people, my clothes were full of blood.”