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“Prevention of Terrorism Act clauses ingrained in Penal Code amendment”: Vijitha Herath

JVP has charged that certain PTA provisions are included in the Penal Code Amendment Bill. Measures have been taken to include some clauses of the Prevention of Terrorism Act in the Penal Code, which is ordinary law. This situation is more dangerous than the previous one.

This observation was made by JVP Parliamentarian Vijitha Herath told in Parliament. He went on :‘There was a long process to take a person into custody under the Prevention of Terrorism Act. By including these clauses in the common law, any person could be arrested easily under the ordinary law.

The government must continue paying Rs.6,000 as a monthly payment to July strikers without paying Rs.250,000 as was proposed in the Budget proposals 2016. The government has not provided suitable jobs for newly recruited degree holders. Though a circular with regard to this has been issued, the government failed to implement it.