Tamil Diplomat

Prime Minister calls for reconciliation in real sense

Prime Miniater Ranil Wickremasinghe has in his message called upon the people to rally together to build a reconiclitary nation. He said:

‘Today we are celebrating the 67th anniversary of Independence while a civilized political culture is being created in our beloved Motherland.

When Rt. Hon. D.S. Senanayake, First Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, launched the Independence struggle the main weapon he used was the unity and brotherhood among the nationalities that lived in harmony in our country. Once we gained independence we faced the challenge to safeguard that unity and march toward in the development of the country. However, it was unfortunate that we could not achieve that goal successfully.

Fortunately, now, we have reached a period where we could achieve that beautiful dream. Groups that represent many nationalities who follow different religions and many civil organizations and various groups got on to one platform forgetting their differences to achieve a common goal for the benefit of the nation.

Our aim is to follow the system of King Lichchavi who met peacefully, discussed issues and dispersed peacefully, to build a conciliatory and a prosperous nation in Sri Lanka. Let us determine to reach our great ambition to give a real meaning to our Independence.’