Tamil Diplomat

Prime Minister Ranil Promises to remove Army and speed up resettlement

In a special address from ‘Temple Trees’ yesterday morning the Prime Minister Ranil wickremasinghe said, all the rights of the innocent Tamil people who were affected badly by war and that all the lands under the control of the Army will be released and resettlement will be undertaken speedily, within this year and they will be afforded a life in par with other societies.

We are planning to undertake several political changes. Particularly we are to introduce a new constitution to the country. Attempts will be made to solve the economic problems in the country. A 3-year plan for the Economical and Social development scheme will be undertaken under the leadership of the president, he said.

‘The Government was able to join hands with the international community in taking the initial steps towards ensuring human rights and freedom for all Sri Lankan. The Government has also commenced the process of giving land back to the civilians of the North and while resettling them will ensure the rights of people living in other areas as well.

We pledge to bring prosperity never seen before, to Sri Lanka. The critical voices will soon join us to see it through – undoubtedly. That prosperity is for Colombo, as it is for Trincomalee. It is for Hambantota as well as for Jaffna. Let us unite as one to see that vision come to pass.”

Under President Sirisena’s guidance, we plan to have in place a mechanism that will guarantee economic and social development, within the next three years. This journey seeks prosperity for all Sri Lankan; the journey that assures every Sri Lankan of a better tomorrow. There will be criticism and pointing of fingers but this journey cannot be held back.

For the first time in history, a President in power has chosen to curtail some of the powers vested within the office of the President. The Elections Commissioner has been assured full authority and power within his sphere, which enabled the country to enjoy a free and fair election.  Upon the conclusion of the parliamentary election, the two main parties have been able to come together to form a National Government, successfully overcoming the challenges posed by accusations of human rights violations.

We have embarked upon a new journey that continues this year – our goal is to ensure economic and social prosperity for Sri Lanka; enhancing income levels, providing employment for youth, introducing new and innovative economic measures, paving the way for Sri Lanka to become poverty free and economically empowered, establishing a system of education on par with the highest global standards and safeguarding the rule of law in a land that is socially forward looking, will be the milestones of that journey.”