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The Principles of Nandikadal: An Introduction-2

Parani Krishnarajani

Mullivaikkal and Nandikadal are two names of a similar geographical region. It may be true that both these regions are separated by an inch of land. But both these lands come to signify rather contrasting stories. They bespeak and register in our mind very different political and historical stories.

“Vaikkal” in Mullivaikkal refers to a canal where the water may at times be stagnant and kadal in Nandikadal means open sea or ocean in Tamil. Going by the meaning of Vaikkal and Kadal, Mullivaikkal represents a stagnant politics and Nandikadal represents politics of vastness that is not bounded by any boundaries.

When Pirabaharan leaves Mullivaikkal to reach Nandikadal, the aforesaid change has happened. Without comprehending this, we often get stuck at Mullivaikkal only to remain stagnant.

The place where we need to search for our liberation is at Nandikadal. Besides us, the calm sea of Nandikadal provides a moral backing for all the subjugated races.

When Mullivaikkal massacre happened with the overt blessings of the prevalent draconian world order and its’ ruthless Governments, the reaction manifesting itself at Nandikadal denotes that this ill-conceived world order will be subject to destruction that will be beyond imagination.


The arrival of figures like Narendra Modi, Donald Trump, and their likes at the world political scene, and the tensions perpetrated by the North Korean regime are all recipes for a wider disaster that is awaiting to inflict the current world order. The doctrine of Nandikadal precisely predicts such an outcome.

When the subjugated races come together with consciousness, they will have the power to destroy the current world order and shape a world order that is absolutely pro people. That is the nature of challenge posed by Nandikadal.

The world order of countries led by the likes of Modi and Trump reside on the ground that are built with the steadfast support of the super riches of the world, the corporates, the bankers and the conglomerates.

Nandikadal, the central dogma of “Pirabaharaniyam”, warns explicitly about the world order spawned by these crony capitalists.

As a direct bearing, “Nandikadal” instead of attacking the Governments, talks explicitly about the destruction of this unjust world order forged by the crony capitalists, and the corporates.

Nandikadal, the central dogma of “Pirabaharaniyam” does not indulge in directly attacking and criticizing the Governments, rather it identifies and attacks the covert and sometimes overt tactics employed by these ruthless Governments.

The dogma furthers the destruction of the current world order to bring the much needed liberation and the just rights of the subdued races. This ensures a new world order where there is place for everyone.

The changes that are rapidly happening world over are the changes outlined broadly by the doctrine of Nandikadal. The current world order is at flimsy grounds and is getting ready to implode anytime soon and Nandikadal doctrine prepares us for the inevitable.

Therefore it is imperative that all the subdued race keep themselves in a state of readiness. A global churn encompassing all the countries of the world is on the cards anytime soon.

Pirabaharaniyam, the contemporary liberation doctrine, would provide meaning to such a revolution. (Continues tomorrow)

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