Tamil Diplomat

The Principles of Nandikadal: An Introduction-1

Parani Krishnarajani

“Nandikadal” – it is not just a name a place carries. It is the name that sums up the identity of Tamils determined to resurrect themselves. It is the name that characterizes an ethnic group. It is the name that offers enormous hope to the struggling ethnic groups. It is the name that is synonymous with declaration of war of an ethnic group that has assimilated within itself the magic words of “Pirabaharaniyam”.

It is the mother of all battlefields, offering a beacon of hope to all the subjugated ethnic groups. It is a holy place, the very mention of the name sends a chill down the establishments of the world that terrorises its own people; the corporate and world conglomerates that support their survival, and the fronts that had hitherto created a world order.

A landscape filled with marshes and grasses, gobbled up a revolutionary leader, only to deliver principles of liberation that was radically progressive in nature.

It gave not just lessons to the struggling ethnicities, it was a beacon that evolved from this land and was posing challenges like never before to the established world order.

The world records this piece of history as “Pirabaharaniyam”.

The liberation struggles that are waged against government sponsored terrorism, the inevitable violence that erupts as a result of a revolution, movements by people; all these events that can be termed as popular uprisings by ordinary people are being fiercely put down by ruthless governments’ world over in the name of “international relations” and “regional stability”. Without having an iota of knowledge on the said conspiracies by the Governments world over, there is a measure among us to pin criminal responsibility on the Tamil Tigers alone. But Nandikadal not only confronts such measures with logical justifications but also gives a doctrine that is applicable to the larger world.

Nandikadal gives enough cautions and warnings on how these forces turn the subjugated and struggling ethnic groups against leaders who best represent them.


An evidence that stands firmly behind the historic figure – a psyche that is omnipresent between the Tamil populace and the Tigers; the historical happenings that demands analysing them in a just fashion. Nandikadal proceeds to smash the conspiracies of ruthless Governments for fabricating and systematically carrying out disinformation campaign with the much talked phrases like “human shield”, and others.

Nandikadal provides a powerful doctrine that carries the potential to show the Tamils their path to liberation. Not just the Tamils, the doctrine is a beacon of hope to hundreds of subdued ethnicities to their path to true independence.

When we utter “the Doctrine of Nandikadal”, some think the doctrine provides dimensions that are political and apolitical.

The doctrine talks about the life of an individual subdued race set with a bitter history of genocide looming in the background. By doing so the doctrine pushes the entire nationality in the forefront. It talks more about relation between a man and a woman, and takes a responsible look into the familial set up of the subjugated race.

The doctrine expresses concern for the culture and identity of the subjugated race to be protected at all costs. It challenges the way and means of reclaiming the lost heritage and legacies.

We can go on and talk about the doctrine’s holistic intentions.

Nandikadal is pretty clear that only such a holistic approach can chug the subjugated race to its true liberation and in the process help sustain its identity. (Continues Tomorrow)