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Printing of Counterfeit notes: Main suspect surrenders to the police

The main suspect who was being searched by the police, on suspicion the he printed and used counterfeit notes, has surrendered to the Nelliyady Police Station, the police circles said.

Six person including the surrendered suspect have been placed in remand till Friday next.

Four person who had gone to a bar in Valvai had paid money for liquor. The Bar-keeper getting suspicious of the money had informed the Nelliady police. The police who went to the spot confirmed that the said notes were illegally printed, and took all four persons who had tendered the counterfeit notes to the Police Station. One more person was arrested day before yesterday while another once absconded. On the basis of the information derived from the arrested, materials for printing the counterfeit notes were captured. The police continued their inquiries.

In this context a person resident in Colombo surrendered to the Nelliyadi Police, saying he is involved in the counterfeit note printing. He surrendered while being searched for by them, the police said.

The above six were produced in the Point Pedro Magistrate court and magistrate ordered them to be remanded till Friday and ordered to hold an identification parade on that day.