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Prof Cheran refutes the advertisement published with his photograph, campaigning for Sumanthiran


Professor Cheran, now residing Canada stated that he does not have any connection what so ever with an advertisement published in a Jaffna based daily, adding his photo with the photos of some other Diaspora activist, which had said that, electing Sumanthiran is a historical duty. He had updated a note in his facebook account that his consent had not been obtained for this.

His update had further said,

Several of my writer-friends had informed me with surprise, that an advertisement had been published in Jaffna based news papers, quoting me as saying that, I request you that, it is your historic duty to make Sumanthiran, who is well versed in Law, politics  and proficient in Tamil, English and Sinhala  languages and is efficient, to get a grand victory.

This had not been published with my consent. I have no connection with it. People of the homeland should decide on their politics and their leaders. We can give our shoulders on a sentimental solidarity but, cannot go into remote control politics, he had said.