Saturday 31 October 2020
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Professor Sittampalam chided by Sampanthan on his role in TPC

Professor Sittampalam chided by Sampanthan on his role in TPC

When the Central Committee meeting was held in Vavuniya,the Leader of the TNA chided Proffessor Sittampalam for his role in TPC, and had said that whatever the problem is, it should be discussed and compounded within our party meeting,but, the professor had replied  that he did not participate on behalf of ITAK.

the Central Committee meeting of the ITAK was held from morning to late evening yesterday at the “Vanni Inn” in Vavuniya presided by Sampanthan and Mawai Senathyrasa.

Following decisions were taken in this meeting were announced by MP, M.A.Sumanthiran, the Spokesperson for TNA.:

  • Action to be taken in accordance with the mandate given by the people, with regard to new constitution.we will en devour to bring
  • Although the new constitution is important , equally important is the immediate problems of our people   and Development of our areas.Our contributions should be made in this regard.
  • The lands of our people had to released .we will give continuous pressure to the Government on this.
  • We will table a motion in parliament the problem of TPPs and try to extract a reply from the government.

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