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Promise from Sampanthan – Paravipanchan people give up their protest sit in

The day& night sit in protest by the people of Paravipanchan which began on 13th demanding the Army get out from their lands was abandoned yesterday following the promises given by the Leader of the opposition Era Sampanthan who made a spot visit yesterday at 2 p.m.

MPs  Mawai Senathyrajah, S.Sritharan, M.A.Sumanthiran and NPC member Sugirthan accompanied the leader.The opposition leader conversed with the people. From there itself he contacted the Secretary to the Ministry of Defence regarding the release of the people’s land. The Secretary promised the Opposition leader the lands will be released within 15 days. There upon, the Leader of the Opposition informed the people of the Secretary’s reply.

On the promise of the Leader, people went away from spot. But they had bowed that if the promise not fulfilled , they will go in to protest again.

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